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TREASURER:   Kayla Maruska



                               Box 230

                   Rapid City,SD  57709

(O) 605-394-2571

         (E) kayla.maruska@ujs.state.sd.us 

Kayla Maruska

After initially studying in the accounting field, I was looking for something new and challenging for my career path.  Without really knowing much about the field, I moved from Omaha, Nebraska, to Des Moines, Iowa to attend AIB College of Business to pursue court reporting in their accredited program.   I immediately decided that this was something I really wanted to pursue.


In May of 2012 I passed my final 225 and was on the hunt for a career placement in the midwest.  I had my official internship in Sioux Falls in the year before in the Second Circuit and decided at that time I really wanted to be an offical reporter.  I accepted a job in Rapid City for the Seventh Circuit and moved to Rapid City in June of 2012 with my now husband, Brian.  We haven't looked back since!


Having really enjoyed  being apart of SDCRA and getting to know so many great reporters across our state, I'm looking forward to taking over the Treasurer role.