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SECRETARY:   Jessica Paulsen




PO Box 1238

                      Pierre, SD 57501

(O) 605-773-8227

(E) jessica.paulsen@ujs.state.sd.us

BigBios-SandraSemerad SDCRA Governor 2018 - Jessica

I am from Maquoketa, Iowa (props to anyone who can properly pronounce this).  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do straight out of high school, so I just kept trekking along at my desk job at a motel until one day I saw a commercial for court reporting at AIB College of Business.  I called that day and was in the program starting September of 2008.


I graduated in May of 2012.  While I was on my way to Pierre for my interview, my instructor called me and said, "You did it!  You passed," to which I replied, "Shut up," and burst into tears.  With the exception of a small nine-month stint, I have resided in Pierre with my cat Mable, "The Mabes," for the last seven years, and we absolutely love it.  This is where I am meant to be.


I am looking forward to serving as Secretary of SDCRA.