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Having grown up East River in Harrisburg, I chose to attend the Stenotype Institute of SD from September 1980 to April of 1982.  I came upon this career by happenstance, as I began the legal secretarial course with the stenograph machine for shorthand, and I loved the machine so much that I decided to complete the court reporting curriculum.  I’ve not looked back since.


My first 29 years were as a freelance reporter in Rapid City and the surrounding Hills areas; first as an employee with Wheeler Reporting and then as a self-employed independent contractor on my own.  I accepted an official position with the State at the Pennington County Courthouse in January of 2011 and report for Judge Craig A. Pfeifle.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer man to work with.


I’ve been on both sides now of a court reporter’s world and there are definitely pros and cons to both.  I love jury trials.  I love seeing justice served.  I love being a part of that process.  I also enjoyed freelancing and setting my own schedule and working out of my home.  


We have an awesome state association, and I’m honored to be serving as your President-Elect.

PRESIDENT:   Teresa Fink



PO Box 230

Rapid City, SD - 57709

(O) 394-2571

(H) 381-7762

(F) 394-6628

E-mail: teresa.fink@ujs.state.sd.us